Life’s fucked up, but it’s exciting!

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There are just somethings that just don’t turn out the way we want, I pity the fact that we aren’t born with a guide of something of that sort, might make life less interesting, but easier. Nonetheless, I think it my be annoying trying to do everything the little manual says.




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Your past actions have narrowed your window of opportunity, if you feel like making a move then your time is now, for that window won’t stay open just to get hurt again it’ll close and it will be hard to open it up again. Life is about taking risks, don’t you know thsat? – said the stars to a lonely person.

What should I do?! – shouted that lonely person.

Do what your heart dictates, nothing else. – the stars replied with a rather conforting voice – Just follow your heart.

By me (Julio C., the owner of the blog)

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