Two tweets, one intention: convey what thou heart feels

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A friend motivated me to post these tweets. I hope they’ll help you express what your heart feels and what you cannot seem to be able to convey.

If I must, then I’ll be alone,
though I’d rather spend the coming days with you.

Julio César Mejía Sang

I will not speak, for the truth lies within my eyes.

Julio César Mejía Sang

What is love?

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There’s a chance that when you read the title you remembered the song that goes “What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no no”, there’s a chance you didn’t think of anything and there’s a chance you wondered what is it that I’m going to write about….

What is love? Some people associate love with feeling butterflies in one’s stomach, maybe feeling that you can’t breath without that special someone in your life… Who knows? Some people might say that love is overrated, who cares? Who cares if love is overrated? Who cares if love is just an illusion? Well, I don’t.

Love is what makes one feel like we might actually have a chance of successfully flying, love makes us feel as if we were actually masters of the word, love makes us feel as if we can do whatever we want, am I right?

Sometimes love can bring you down, sometimes it takes you higher than the stratosphere; but still, I want to take my chances and live my life filled with love, than living my life without love…

I feel sorry for those who haven’t opened their hearts to love, who just live their lives to please themselves, when they don’t know just how good doing something for someone that you love makes one feel…

If you haven’t opened your heart yet, you should try it, you won’t regret it…

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