Two tweets, one intention: convey what thou heart feels

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A friend motivated me to post these tweets. I hope they’ll help you express what your heart feels and what you cannot seem to be able to convey.

If I must, then I’ll be alone,
though I’d rather spend the coming days with you.

Julio César Mejía Sang

I will not speak, for the truth lies within my eyes.

Julio César Mejía Sang


What has happened to my eyes?

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I caught a glimpse of my eyes today, really stared at them and I noticed the strangest thing: they look sad, what’s wrong with my eyes?

40 moons have passed, they shouldn’t look tired or sad… In fact, I think I’m well rested, what’s wrong with my eyes?

Has my sadness found another way to express itself? And yet again the question remains, what’s wrong with my eyes?

My eyes have made me sad… And I still don’t know what’s wrong with them.

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