Why? Should I? Should I not? Will it be good? … Snap out of it!

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Isn’t it a tad annoying when we start over-thinking stuff? Man, sometimes it just doesn’t let us do what we want to do, thus we end up missing an opportunity of doing something fun, interesting and/or life changing (or something we really really want to to do). “Just do it”, might be the secret to not letting somethings pass.



Sometimes I just don’t understand…

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Sometimes I just understand my generation and the ones after mine… Why are people, nowadays, so reckless when writing? If you are using a writing application, then use the damn spell check; I mean, there’s gotta be a good fucking reason why the company that developed the application added the damn spell check and added over 100 languages to it, so why not use it? Are you just too damn lazy to press F7 (in case you are using MS Office Word)? Is your finger going to break? C’mon! Don’t be such a lil’bitch.

When you are writing a question in  SPANISH you need to add ‘¿’ at the beginning, but I just don’t know why dominicans aren’t adding that grammatical symbol… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? Are you fucking retarded? If you aren’t retarded, then stop acting like one, and start writing correctly, because your writing is your “business card”, therefore it needs to be neat and with no spelling mishaps.

I just wished people didn’t feel the need to settle with being mediocre… Being mediocre is just the road to another, and yet more terrible aspect of our existence as human beings:  not thinking, just going along with the motion, “I’ll go wherever the other ones go…”, staying static is the worst aspect of us, as humans, because we don’t realize that, by staying still we just change from being an individual into being “one of the bunch”… Let’s not be static, let’s be dynamic, let’s think, let’s act, let’s not jump to conclusions, let’s be humans not just a lump of meat…

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