There are just somethings that just don’t turn out the way we want, I pity the fact that we aren’t born with a guide of something of that sort, might make life less interesting, but easier. Nonetheless, I think it my be annoying trying to do everything the little manual says.

When I think over what life would be like if we were given a guidebook, it’d be like a rally! How much fun is that?! -Note the sarcasm- Each stop would be a set of goals to accomplish and ridicule things like that; there wouldn’t be much of messing things up, doing the wrong things, none of the good stuff. Let’s face it: living without messing shit up, isn’t as amusing as it may sound.

A life filled with nothing but good things and righteousness, that DOES sound dull; well, even if it seems boring, that’s the world we should be working for.

Anyhow, let’s step on another topic whilst I’m still writing… Being on time is seriously overrated, come on, like no one’s been late before, as if everyone is freaking english. I know that arriving at some place like 30 or 45 minutes late is frowned upon, but hey, at least he/she showed up, doesn’t that count for something? What happened to noticing other people’s effort.

Not saying we should always be late and we must blame it on traffic, we should definitely be on time, but let’s realize that there’s someone, most of the time, who’s not on time.

Missing your queue, THAT really sucks, it’s like, you want to do something but then you miss the right time and your like “fuck, now what do I do?”; well, my dear friend, I have NO freaking idea whatsoever. I know that life’s full of risks, that we should pick one or the other and see what’ll happen, however, it’s not that easy, or is it? Let’s say we have good feeling that it may be a good time to act, but we are just scared that we could just be screwing things up, yet again. What a pickle.

Again, our live’s wouldn’t be as intriguing as they are now.