A Tuesday software update for Google’s Nexus One added the much-coveted multi-touch support to the search engine giant’s smartphone. The upgrade, which Google started sending to users today, adds a pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the Nexus One’s browser, gallery, and maps application.

In addition to multi-touch, Google also added Goggles to the phone, and updated Google Maps and the phone’s 3G connectivity. Goggles, which identifies objects via your phone’s camera, will be available on the Nexus One via the All Apps menu. “Just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web,” Google said in a blog post.

On the Maps front, Google is rolling out Maps 3.4, which, among other things, will allow users to synchronize starred items and search suggestions between the phone and PC. Access favorite places and make it easier to search for places you’ve searched for before, Google said.
The update also includes night mode in Google Maps Navigation, which changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving. The function turns on near sunset and off near sunrise, according to a Google spokesperson.

Google will send the update to user’s notification bar, where it can be downloaded. It will be rolled out gradually, so everyone might not receive it until week’s end, Google said.

Motorola, which produces the Android-based Droid smartphone, did not immediately respond to questions about the future of multi-touch on the Droid.

Originally posted to Gearlog.